Special Walks

A range of special walks can be organised for your group.
See below for a selection of the walks that we can offer.
York in the age of elegance

Relive the Age of Elegance, when York was the social capital of the north, visiting some of its most elegant 18th century buildings, but also taking a brief look at some of its low life!

The Battle of Fulford walk *

A gentle 3 mile walk to th site of the Battle of Fulford, the forgotten battle of 1066. Option of a pub lunch. Return to York by bus. Stout footwear recommended.

Cat trail of York

York has many charming cat sculptures on its historic and modern buildings, many of them the legacy of the architect 'Tom' Adams. Explore the picturesque streets with this cat theme or expand it to include "Animal tales of York - Birds and beasties of the city".

Civil War York

A tour of the Walls of York and other picturesque locations which show the traces of siege works and bloody battles when the Cavaliers held the city for three months against Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads.

The graveyard, coffin & plague tour *

Visit the hidden city of the dead; sample Roman and Medieval coffins, visit plague sites and see gruesome graveyards.

Henry VIII trail *+

Follow in the footsteps of this obese, diseased & constipated Monarch on his state visit to York with his new Queen, Catherine Howard, and see the havoc he wrought on the monasteries and hospitals.

Due to the adult content of this tour it is not suitable for children.

Historic toilet tour +*

A unique saga of convenience through the ages from Roman sanitation to the 18th Century 'Sugar' House and 19th Century attempts to prevent 'nuisance' and promote public decency. And, of course, the opportunity to sample the dubious comforts of Medieval garderobes!

Inaccessible and hidden York *

Visit parts of York not open to the public including a little known Guildhall and the chance to visit a hidden Medieval hermit's cell.

Bloody execution tour

See turrets where heads were impaled on spikes; hear of Dick Turpin's last hours, public hangings, floggings, brandings and duckings.

Jewish heritage trail

A walk recalling the Jewish contribution to York's history, visiting sites connected with Medieval and modern Jews.
Learn about the dreadful massacre of the Jews at Clifford's tower, where the walk ends.

Literary tour of York

A fascinating look at authors and books inspired by York from Anglo-Saxon Alcuin to the Brontës, Dickens and Robinson Crusoe; and, from more modern times, WH Auden and Kate Atkinson.
The Literary tour includes a visit to the birthplace of W H Auden.

Monastic York

Step into the sandalled steps of the long vanished monks and nuns of York and see the evocative ruins of St. Mary's Abbey and more tantalising remains of monasteries, nunneries and hospitals; at the end enjoy the hospitality of nuns at a still functioning Nunnery.

Richard III trail

'Controversial in life, controversial in death'. Follow in the footsteps of this much maligned monarch, still revered in York. At the end visit the Richard III museum and vote on whether or not he really did murder the Princes in the Tower.

Royal York

Six Roman emperors, countless Anglo-Saxon & Viking kings  and almost every Medieval King from William the Conqueror to Henry VIII have visited the city-some welcomed, some coming in vengeance.
The Stuart Kings frequently came to York but Queen Victoria 'was not amused' by her visit and never came again. More recent Royal Visits have been much more cordial and it was George VI who said 'The History of York is the History of England'.

Saints and sinners

Visit the haunts of some of York's most colourful characters- saints such as St Margaret Clitherow and St William of York, and villains such as Guy Fawkes, Dick Turpin and Erik Bloodaxe.

Animal tales of York - Birds and beasties of the city

The city centre has many representations of Birds and Beasts in its picturesque streets. They range from the cats of Tom Adams to elephants, owls, 'Mousey Thompson' mice, pigs , lions, the mythical phoenix and many others.
Come on this tour and dicover that York is a veritable menagerie of Birds and Beasts, many with quirky tales attached to them.

Choccy & sweetie tour + *

A delicious tour - hear the history of Terrys & Rowntrees, visit choccy and sweetie shops and taste free samples.

Christian heritage trail

York's Christian heritage and history from Constantine the Great, proclaimed Emperor in York in 306 AD and the first Christian Roman Emperor. There follow the stirring tales of early Christian saints such as Edwin, Hilda and Cuthbert, to our very own St William of York. More recent figures include George Fox and the Quakers (with their huge impact on social reform) to John & Charles Wesley and more recently David Watson.

Complete walls tour + *

A guided tour of the 3 mile circuit of the Walls, with unrivalled views over the city. Beautiful in spring when the daffodils bloom.

Please note: dogs are not allowed on the Walls (Except guide and assistance dogs)

Guy Fawkes trail

A walk exploring the (several!) birthplaces and haunts of one of York's most infamous sons - Guy Fawkes of Gunpowder Plot fame.

Historic inns and pubs of York +

What better way to relax than to visit some of York's historic inns and alehouses. Many go back to Medieval and Tudor times.

Relive the Golden Age of Coaching when the streets rattled with coaches from all parts of the kingdom. And of course the opportunity to sample a few beers on the way!

Adults only!

How the Minster was built $ +

A fascinating tour around this great church to see how it was built by the Medieval master masons, with a glimpse of the modern stoneyard.

In the steps of the Mystery Plays

Follow the exact route of the Medieval plays and discover how they were produced on wagons in the middle ages as we follow their course through the city streets and by looking at Medieval art & stained glass.

Ireland and York

Explore the fascinating Irish links with York; from Viking traders, aristocratic architects, printers and booksellers, theatre productions of Sheridan & McNally, 19th C. communities and their festivals, the York Quaker response to famine: a vivid and sometimes turbulent history.

King's Manor

A unique chance to visit this one-time Royal Palace, see its former state apartments & cellars not open to the public and hear its turbulent history. It has variously been an Abbot's residence, a royal palace visited by Henry VIII, James I & Charles I, a girls boarding school (where Anne Lister of Shibden Hall had her first romantic attachment) a school for blind children and is currently the Archaeology Department of York University.

Medieval stained glass

An expert guided tour of the finest medieval stained glass of York's parish churches, some in quiet backwaters of the City. There is also the chance to visit a hidden medieval hermit's cell. York has more mediaeval stained glass than any other town or city in Britain and this tour shows you a selection of the finest and most unique.

York rail trail

George Hudson is reputed to have said he 'would make all railways come to York' and he certainly succeeded! This walk explores York as a major railway centre but also takes you to see some hidden aspects such as the original station and workshops, dating to the 1840's, and looks at the social effect the coming of the railways had on ordinary people.

York riverside trail

York used to be the second seaport of England and its river is now one of its most beautiful assets.
A tranquil stroll along our beautiful riverside, looking at its history from bustling Viking port to Victorian chocolate centre, and taking in its handsome bridges, one of which used to lift like a miniature Tower Bridge.

St. Nicholas tour $ +

A fascinating Yuletide look at the life and legends of St. Nicholas - the origin of Santa Claus. The walk includes a tour of York Minster with its many representations of St. Nicholas in Medieval stained glass and other works of art.

Key to Symbols:
Clients on Minster and St. Nicholas tours need to pay for Minster admission in addition to the tour price.
York Card holders and Friends of York Minster do not need to pay admission upon production of card.
Please check with Yorkwalk in case of Minster closure.
Yorkwalk welcomes people with disabilities on all walks.
Walks marked * are not fully wheelchair accessible, but every effort will be made to adapt them to clients needs.
Dogs welcome EXCEPT on walks marked +
(Guide and assistance dogs welcome on all walks).
All walks can be customised to suit your requirements

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